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Jan. 29, 2023

Robert Kinneen- Episode 95.

Robert Kinneen- Episode 95.

Robert Kinneen
Rob is Tlingit from Southeast Alaska. 

Rob was born in Petersburg, AK and grew up in Anchorage, AK.

Rob is a chef who has appeared on the Today Show with Al Roker and also was selected to cook a 5 course meal for President Barack Obama. 

Rob is the author of his own cookbook called Fresh Alaska Cookbook.

Currently Rob is the Outreach Director for NATIFS or The North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems, which is a nonprofit that is dedicated to addressing the economic and health crises affecting Native communities by re-establishing Native foodways.

Rob has been living alcohol free for 3 years, and on this episode Rob shares his story for those that are curious about living alcohol free.

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